Beeline Business design system

Task: to structurize the design of the growing Beeline Business website.

Beeline Business offers a huge number of services to corporate clients.

After several years of working on projects for Beeline Business, we created a design system that speeds up solving problems and makes all services and sections visually unified.

Extensive library of blocks

There is no need to start with a blank slate if you need to create a main page, a catalog or an internal page. Pages can be rapidly built from standard blocks, like a sandwich you cannot go wrong with.

beeline interfaces_

Article cards in the blog feed are also created using templates becoming varied in size and shape.

Special guides on card layout make sure article lists are always diverse and interesting.

Proper layout: small blocks are evenly mixed with the small ones

Proper layout: small blocks are evenly mixed with the small ones

On mobile devices the cards line up under one another to form a smooth canvas.

Creating materials that are interesting to read is easy with an extensive set of cool templates. The editor will surely have something to choose from!

Cover and text blocks

Emphasis options

Images in text and tables

Interface unity

Interfaces have their own library of blocks in the design system that include lists, tables and graphs. It helps avoid spending time thinking about appearance and allows to focus on content.

Blocks consist of uniform components and obey unified rules of typography, just like a harmonious organism.

Justified contrast

Promoted products are highlighted thanks to contrasting solutions that emphasize their features.

The main page of the Mobile Enterprise page has a non-trivial animation flirting with the user and introducing the product.

The Large Business section blows viewers away with its giant typography that breaks all rules previously established by the design system. Its appearance alone speaks volumes about the scale of Beeline’s clients and services.

beeline business_
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