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Disinfection Department website

Task: to design a website.

Flies are rushing, flies are flying
out of an open window,
a mouse is crawling on its belly,
a rat is seen in the office,
a cockroach sits in the glass,
looking all happy.
In the air, on every fabric
there is the new horrible COVID.

A bedbug is sneaking late at night,
a tick is going down a drainpipe...
“Fly beetle and dung beetle”
that’s what people will say about you.
Uncle of the most honest rules!
Why are you sitting here like a fool?
The website has already fixed the design:
see on dobrolov.com

So call and ask for help!
Bell goes ding-ding-ding!
Do not suffer, for God’s sake,
alone in this misery,
tearing my heart
with this squeal and wail...
We’ll arrange disinfection
at a reasonable price!

art director


project manager

Made in 45 days
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