Posters and video T-shirts

Posters and video for the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Task: to create a series of posters and a video about Russian-Korean friendship and Korea itself.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and South Korea, the years 2020–2021 have been declared the years of mutual cultural exchange. The friendship of the two countries and the beauty of Korea are introduced in a video and a series of posters that are bright, simple, clear and kind—just what Russians and Koreans like.

The posters and the video invite to participate in the Korean Culture Festival, a beautiful celebration of national food and costumes, dance, film, art, music and taekwondo.

Korea is

k fest posters 01
k fest posters 02
Pottery and porcelain
k fest posters 03
k fest posters 04
k fest posters 05
National costumes
k fest posters 06
Historical architecture
k fest posters 07
k fest posters 08
k fest posters 09
Subtlety of nature
k fest posters 10
National script
k fest posters 11
Korean cuisine
k fest posters 12
k fest posters 13
Urban charm
k fest posters 14
Movies and TV series
k fest posters 15

art director

motion designer



project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Vi Myung-jae and Lee Noo-ri for their help with the project
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