Malenkoe Schastye juice logo

Task: to design a logo.

Goodbye tears! Hello good appetite!
All ingredients are wonderfully good!
Malenkoe Schastye baby food.
Who are our clients? Our babies.

malenkoe schastye 01

Piranhas in the lake open their mouths
asking to give them some
Malenkoe Schastye baby food
which comes in every form: puree and juice.

malenkoe schastye 02
malenkoe schastye 03 malenkoe schastye 04 malenkoe schastye 05

Having done the task in sunny contrast,
we finished it early, without rushing
for Malenkoe Schastye baby food,
a logo that is baby's happiness.

malenkoe schastye 06

art director


project manager

Made in 25 days
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