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Official Moscow Metro map

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Task: to produce Moscow Metro map for each metro car type and emergency call kiosks.

Commissioned by the Moscow Department of Transportation, the studio produced the official Moscow Metro map.

Metro car maps

There’re six versions of the map prepared for every metro car type: from classic “numbered” models to modern Rusich.

metro wagon map
Version for Oka metro car
metro wagon map options

Release date: June 05 2013


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technical designer
project managers

The map created in the studio has won in an open competition organized by the Moscow Department of Transportation that took place November 1, 2012 till January 31, 2013. The map first appeared in the Moscow metro cars on May 23, 2013.

Moscow Metro rules

The list of Moscow Metro rules is mandatory for every metro car. The rules themselves are not to be shortened or altered in any way per resolution № 844-ПП of the Moscow City Council dated September 16, 2008. For the first time in the history the list is laid out in a welcoming way.

metro wagon map division

The type size is larger, while the text lines are shorter, which contributes to higher legibility. The message is reinforced visually: the numbers of prohibiting sections are marked with the recognizable stop sign.


The main rules of self-conduct in metro cars are doubled with pictograms: no drinking of alcoholic beverages, no smoking, and no placing of private ads. Two other pictograms remind the passengers and metro employees to not take any video without written permission, but to take photos freely.

metro wagon map icons
No smoking, photography’s welcomed

Maps on an Info-SOS kiosk

Info-SOS emergency call kiosks are located in the center of each station and also at metro entrance halls. An abbreviated map version is placed to the left from the speaker at a passenger’s eye level.

metro wagon map simple
Full version
Abbreviated version
metro wagon map people 00 front
metro wagon map people 01 front
metro official map sosinfo metro official map infosos
metro wagon map people 01 back
metro wagon map people 00 back

The opposite side of the kiosk carries the full map with English “subtitles,” railroads, and bus routes.


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