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    At stations

    Official Moscow Metro map for stations

    Task: to create a Metro map to be placed in stations with information about transport, sights and parks.

    By the request of the Moscow Department of Transport the official Metro map for stations was created at the studio.

    The station map adheres to the proven and time-tested design principles that were introduced in the map for cars.

    Release date: September 10 2014


    art director
    project managers
    The studio wishes to thank Vladimir Titov from the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development for his help with the project

    Typeface: Direct

    metro station points 01
    Uniform density of objects and captions is maintained inside the Circle line
    metro station points 02
    Stations outside the Circle line are given in an easy to read list without geographical features
    metro station points 03
    The map can easily show the way from any airport to the city and back. All railway terminals are also marked
    metro station points 04
    Russian station names are carefully aligned with marks on the map, while the English names are secondary
    metro station points 05
    Design of transfer stations
    metro station points 06
    Station index

    Ground transport

    One of the ideas of the new map is to increase the role of commuter trains and surface transport in the Moscow transportation system. Using surface transport reduces the load on the Metro and is often faster and more convenient. For example, getting from Schukinskaya to Sokol via Metro requires traveling through 11 stations and a transfer, while taking the tram is faster and easier.

    vestibule map routes 01
    vestibule map routes 02
    Going through downtown takes longer than taking the tram

    The map shows the routes that connect neighboring Metro lines, but does not include any details or intermediate stops. Only the routes with waiting time of less than ten minutes are chosen, as the main aim is to provide passengers with a faster travel alternative.

    vestibule map gagarin

    Transfer stations of commuter trains and bus stops are marked with circles, just like Metro transfer stations. Aeroexpress, trolleybus, tram and bus (including express bus) routes also maintain this style.

    vestibule map lines

    The index includes a separate block listing different ways to get to airports.

    metro station index

    The sights

    To help tourists, the station map includes main Moscow sights.

    vestibule map landmarks
    Sight pictograms are located next to the closest Metro stations

    Main city parks are also marked on the map.

    vestibule map park
    Instead of going to the Botanical Garden via Botanichesky Sad station, it’s better to take the train to Vladikino

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