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Line maps

Line maps for Moscow Metro cars

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Task: to create metro maps for individual lines.

Line maps are placed in subway cars over doors and windows. Six maps for classic “numbered” cars were created.

The line maps maintain the principles laid down in the main map: gradient coloring of transfer stations, uniform density, English “subtitles” of station names.

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The main map
The line map

This is the first time the Circle line is shown on individual line maps: this is where the passengers transfer most often, as well as an important landmark and a symbol of Moscow downtown.

Release date: December 20 2013


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metro line map 04
The downtown is instantly recognized

Further more, line maps now contain symbols for stations where you can switch to railway services and airport transport.

metro line map 05

Station names and accompanying text is typeset in accordance with the norms of Russian orthography and capitalization rules. Moreover, lowercase letters were made larger and wider than uppercase letters on previous versions of the maps for better legibility.

metro line map pushkinskaya

The maps take into account local transport features. For example, on the Zamoskvoretskaya line some trains proceed to the Kahovskaya line after the Kashirskaya station. This is an exception rather than the rule, thus the Kahovskaya line is made thinner and a corresponding comment is provided.

metro line map 08
This train will proceed to the Varshavskaya station

On the Filyovskaya line trains switch between the alternating routes on a regular basis, so the two branching segments are of the same weight.

metro line map 09

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