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The making of the Moscow International Medical Cluster logo and corporate identity


Trying to find inspiration in a cross, a network-globe and even snakes (as symbols of medicine).

mimc process 1

The topic of connections is also interesting. We also get an idea of a certain bionic device, like an organism. Or continents that can remind of human organs (lungs, stomach, etc.).

mimc process 2_1
mimc process 2_2
mimc process 3

Continent metamorphoses.

mimc process 4

Another idea: cluster cells projected on a man.

mimc process 5

Something bionic, a combination of several things in one, enlargement, as in a lens.

mimc process 6_1

More sketches.

mimc process 6_2
mimc process 7
mimc process 8
mimc process 9
mimc process 10

Choosing ideas and presenting to the client.

mimc process 11

Of all the proposed ideas, the client likes the second one best, but it needs to be elaborated: the sign needs to be less rough and heavy, more dynamic, it needs to be easily adapted for any of the cluster’s focus areas or subbrands.

Taking it further.

mimc process 12
mimc process 13
mimc process 14

Trying to go back to simplicity. Designs 6, 22 and 34 are potentially interesting.

mimc process 15


mimc process 17
mimc process 18

More ideas.

mimc process 16_1
mimc process 16_2

Sending the new batch to the client.

mimc process 19

Great news: the client liked all designs, but most of all the one with the cross.

Generating various shapes of the blob.

mimc process 20

Segmenting them by focus areas. Initially, we wanted it to be a truly generative approach with blobs of free shapes. But the client insisted on a constant primary logo for the project launch. All games with blob shapes can still come later.

mimc process 21_2
mimc process 21_1

Thinking how it can be rendered in a single color for printing.

mimc process 22

Typeface variations.

mimc process 23

Choosing the color of the main logo.

mimc process 24
mimc process 25

By the client’s request, generating a minimalist version.

mimc process 26

The client chooses the sphere-based shape (as if hinting at the globe) for the main logo.

mimc process 27

Finalizing the text part.

As it turns out, we also need to create a Russian version of the logo. Immediately the problem of small line spacing becomes evident: the letters Д, Ц and Й look bad.

mimc process 29_2

The designer suggests to slice the letter Ы.

mimc process 29_3

Searching for a better shape of Д, Л and У.

mimc process 29_4

The problem with stems still isn’t solved. Increasing line spacing.

mimc process 30_1

Searching for the best position and proportions of letters relative to the cross.

mimc process 30_2

Returning to the search for the best monochrome design.

mimc process 28
mimc process 31_1
mimc process 31_2

We like the dynamics and the rhythm, it’s like a sound wave. But the client believes that the straight lines are too aggressive and look like spears, arrows or a fence.

mimc process 32
mimc process 33
mimc process 34

Still not what we need, but we’ll come back to it later.

Creating a sketch of the overall style. We want a bold dense set with modularity.

mimc process 35
mimc process 36
mimc process 39
mimc process 37

Testing the typeface size.

mimc process 38

General set.

mimc process 40

The overly gentle white backgrounds with blobs remind of perfume packaging.

mimc process 41_1

And this is too active, we need to be more careful with backgrounds. More clear backs and local color spots.

mimc process 41_2

Choosing a display typeface.

mimc process 41_3

More business cards.

mimc process 42

Trying out a more radical layout.

mimc process 43_1

Working on presentation templates.

mimc process 43_2

Drawing themed icons.

mimc process 44
mimc process 45

Finally getting approval for the monochrome version of the logo.

mimc process 46

Testing the stencil. Ultimately deciding to create it out of two parts, separating the letters and the cross.

mimc process 47_1
mimc process 47_2

Finalizing the front side of the postcards.

mimc process 48

Drawing the favicon.

mimc process 49

Slightly adjusting the purple color after color proofs come back. Making changes to guides and preparing mock-ups for printing.

mimc process 50
Request a design...