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Moscow International Medical Cluster website

Task: to create a website for an unprecedented international medical project in Russia.

The International Medical Cluster is a social project of the Government of Moscow that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services in Russia, allowing specialists from countries at the forefront of modern healthcare share their experience with Russian colleagues.

The cluster is being built on the grounds of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and will bring together companies working in different areas: leading world clinics, educational and research organizations, as well as create a unique “healing” environment with parks that have an effect on different senses of their visitors.

The project is truly large-scale and carries a lot of benefits. Patients will have the opportunity to be treated by the world’s leading doctors without leaving Russia, doctors will be able to adopt the best practices from around the world while scientists will create new drugs.

And now this amalgamation of all the great things has a bright clean website that simply radiates health.

All pages of the website are united by a signature blob of color that is bright, vibrant and ever changing, just like achievements in medicine that never stand still.

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The cluster will include a medical technology park which will become a platform for breakthrough innovations.

The animated illustration demonstrates future research in the citadel of science.

A team of professionals is working on the project and the website contains information about their areas of responsibility.

The cluster is bustling with life! A rich media library with articles, events and interesting news in the world of healthcare will keep visitors up to date.

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Pill-size articles and beautiful document covers help present the fascinating content, setting a single style for all materials of the cluster. To make sure the website is filled with quality content, a special guide was developed at the studio.

Future events of the cluster are presented in a convenient calendar which breaks them down visually by area. Colors give an idea of whether you need to head to the conference hall or one of the breakout rooms.

The medical cluster’s website shines with all the colors of life, all while remaining neat, fresh and moderately conservative.

The map helps visitors travel in time and space, for example, to find out when a new building will be opened.

Made in 173 days
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