Public Health System logo and identity

Task: to create an identity.

Public Health System is an organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle in Russia. It informs people about evidence-based medicine, explains how to form useful habits an engages in educational work.

The organization already has several departments, each working with a different group of people such as children, doctors or community activists. In the future, the number of departments will only grow.

This is why the identity should not consist of a fixed number of elements such as a logo, a pattern and a set of templates for social networks. Instead, it should be flexible. It has to be a system that can be scaled. A system, that would allow to create new logos and posters without engaging a designer but also without sacrificing quality.

We took four shapes that evoke associations with something positive or neutral (a heart, a square, a circle and a quatrefoil) and made an alphabet out of them. Rotating the shapes slightly, we achieved similarity with each letter of the Russian alphabet.

The resulting letters will become the basis for the new logos.

When creating symbols, abbreviations of new departments are transformed into logos, all united by a common style and graphic language.

Designers spent a lot of time to make sure the shapes are harmonious vertically and horizontally. Not a single one of them is out of place.

soz identity grid

The identity is characterized by a playful mood and quiet personality. Simple geometrical shapes of different forms convey the idea that taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle is easy. And Public Health System centers help people do it.

soz identity docs

Patterns reflect the friendly and open spirit of the organization. Expressive and slightly reckless colors show that Public Health System is open to communication and welcomes every visitor.

soz identity boy
soz identity bag

There is also an additional version of the pattern, completely bright and bold, glorifying health and education.

soz identity card
soz identity door
soz identity final

art director

project manager

Made in 40 days
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