Mirproekt Urban Planning Institute identity and naming


Mirproekt Urban Planning Institute conducts spatial development of territories, designs all kinds of buildings and models entire cities including all the infrastructure. In addition, the institute has its own research center. Today, the institute is actively growing and opening new branches. To help the organization stand out in the competitive environment and showcase its high-tech nature, a metaphorical identity and a catchy name were created in the studio.

mirproekt logo 01

Along with the new name, the ball in the sign speaks about the challenges of a truly global scale.

The logo reflects the high level of responsibility and digitalization: on the one hand, it is a very fragmented pie chart with an infinite number of indicators, on the other it’s a view from the supersonic future which the company aims to achieve.

mirproekt view

The deformation effect works with any image and gives each individual project its own palette, which is intended to demonstrate that transformation has no boundaries.

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Made in 29 days
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