Sugar free toppings

Task: to design packaging for toppings.

Sugar free toppings are delicious syrups that add amazing new flavors to coffee, tea, cocktails and a variety of desserts. They are suitable for people who have given up sugar, diabetics as well as those who count their calories since there is exactly zero of them in toppings!

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The bottles are just as beautiful as their contents. Appetizing colors and soft shapes make you look forward to the results of your culinary experiments.

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The collection includes six amazing flavors: Blueberry Muffin, Maple Syrup, Strawberry and Cream, French Caramel Nougat, Rafaerello and Viennese Waffles.

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Unlike the bulky topping containers you can find on coffee shop counters, the bottles have a convenient and practical volume: they don’t take up much space in the kitchen and allow to easily collect all flavors to prepare exciting new drinks and desserts.

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The toppings should be in every home where people appreciate good food and every coffee shop that likes to please its customers.

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