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Moneta.ru payment terminal

Task: to design a housing for a payment terminal.

Moneta.ru self-service payment terminal allows to make various payments, purchase and top up public transport cards, make hotel bookings and buy tickets. The design of the terminal housing was developed at the studio.

Sides of the housing display a recognizable money pattern—the integral part of Moneta.ru identity

The terminal accepts both bank cards and cash and is equipped with a scanner for reading barcodes on utility bills. The working area is highlighted by glowing outline. The inclined screen is recessed into the case which helps to reduce annoying glare and reflections. The keyboard is located in a recess providing minimum security for entering PIN codes without the use of additional equipment.

Eye-catching underglow gives the terminal a futuristic look and makes it noticeable in any location.

It is planned to later supplement the Moneta.ru payment terminal with other helpful self-service modules such as post terminals and vending machines.

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Timur Burbaev

industrial designers

  • Aleksey Sharshakov
  • Andrey Fabishevsky
  • Lutts Rif
  • Vasily Markin


  • Aleksandr Pozdeev


  • Aleksey Dorokhin

project manager

  • Evgenia Mironova
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