Sber tax monitoring portal

The tax portal is created for employees of taxpayer companies and staff of the Federal Tax Service. It is conceived as a full-fledged replacement of offline verification of taxpayers’ accounting and tax reporting.

Main page

The portal’s main page is essentially a set of widgets that each user selects and customizes according to their tasks. As a result, two identical main pages are a rarity.

Internal pages

The main principle of formatting internal pages is compactness. This allows maximum information to fit on one screen.


Tax marker

A special tool is used to compare accounting and tax data. It allows to quickly select the type of tax, specify comparison periods and conveniently arrange panels in a workspace. As a result, all discrepancies are immediately visible thanks to thoughtful visualization.



A set of icons has been created for the portal. They illustrate all key work situations, stylistically support the logo and simply look very attractive overall.

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Made in 42 days
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