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Factoring is an extremely useful financial instrument: a supplier transfers goods to a customer on the condition of a deferred payment, but instead of waiting for the payment to arrive, receives the money from SberFactoring almost immediately.

It is a useful and convenient tool, but there is one problem: many companies on the Russian market have either not heard about it or do not trust it. We created a booklet and a website to help entrepreneurs better understand the benefits of the service and allow Sber managers to sell it with confidence.

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The main feature is the beautiful illustrations. Deferred payment is shown as an abyss that can significantly harm a company and factoring is a bridge that allows you to overcome the cash gap and get your money. The characters convey the mood, allowing businesspeople to associate with them.

The booklet is a simple two-page brochure that clearly explains why loans and other similar things have nothing to do with factoring. It is suitable for both managers and entrepreneurs.

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Just as simply, the website explains all the important things: how much the service costs, how to connect to it, what benefits it offers and who is already using it. Thanks to the comic book style, important information does not get lost against the background of illustrations and does not compete with it for attention. The clear structure leads the user all the way through to making an application.

With the new booklet and the website, SberFactoring presents its product in a friendly and welcoming manner that does not leave indifferent even the most skeptical businesspeople who are used to doing things the old-fashioned way.



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