Moscow intersections design

Task: to create a concept for the design of city intersections.

Wonderful new intersections are coming to Moscow, complete with elegant black poles and new traffic lights.

The new intersections will be easier to use, safer and more beautiful.

Traffic lights

The new traffic lights match the style of the new bus stop shelters and look great in any part of the city. They are not completely square, but also not as round as they used to be. This is a step in the right direction.

The body is monolithic and is made by vacuum thermoforming, a process that helps bring down production costs.

L-shaped poles

The new poles are laconic and stylish. They can accommodate several signs, traffic lights and electronic displays cutting down the number of poles required at the intersection.

moscow crossroads narrow 02

Zebra crossings

Zebra crossing markings now have embedded wayfinding signs that provide inconspicuous clues about the location of nearby landmarks.

Diagonal intersections

Chaotic markings on diagonal intersections were replaced with unobtrusive arrows.

moscow crossroads diagonal 02


Each post is equipped with lights that turn on at night, helping pedestrians remain visible in any weather and increasing their safety.


Intersections are separated by low-key fences that save pedestrians from drivers (and drivers from jaywalking pedestrians).

moscow crossroads fence

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Made in 15 days
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