Town signs for Suzdal's millennium anniversary

In the Vladimir Oblast lies the remarkable town of Suzdal, which will celebrate its millennium anniversary in the year 2024. For the only museum town in Russia we have developed unique signs that adorn this special place in anticipation of its anniversary, enriching it with new details.

suzdal signs 01
suzdal signs 02

The design of each sign carefully incorporates the stylistic elements of the time when the façade was created: two eras are frozen in time here—the Ancient Rus of the 12th century and the Catherinean Neoclassicism of the 18th century.

The signs are just half the work: each is complemented by an original mounting bracket making the town appear even richer and more vibrant.

suzdal signs 03
suzdal signs 04
suzdal signs 05
suzdal signs 06

The project encompasses the very center of the town with the most densely packed and diverse historical architecture, ensuring that the transformation is felt by both tourists and local residents alike.

suzdal signs 07
suzdal signs 08
suzdal signs final

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