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Fairground structures for Suzdal's millennium anniversary

With each passing year, Suzdal becomes an increasingly significant point of attraction for tourists from around the world. The year 2024 holds special significance as this is when the town celebrates its millennium anniversary, marking the occasion with grand festivities.

We came up with the design for trade pavilions and stalls that adorn Suzdal’s anniversary fairs, harmonizing with its distinctive and delicate architectural context.

suzdal fairgrounds front

The silhouette of the pavilion recalls the traditions of folk architecture, while the relief details give the structure a subtle rural charm, creating an interesting color-texture rhythm.

suzdal fairgrounds side

Various paint and signage placement options allow for the diversification of the fair without creating visual chaos.

Well-thought-out ergonomics, including a long counter, an external shelf for bags and human-scale dimensions, make the pavilion comfortable for both guests and vendors.

suzdal fairgrounds day
suzdal fairgrounds night

Small stalls rhyme with the pavilions. The elegant design is perfect for street trading: the stall can be easily folded like an easel, effortlessly moved to a new location and just as easily reassembled. There is ample space for displaying items such as vegetables and fruits.

suzdal fairgrounds light 01
suzdal fairgrounds light 02

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