Clothing collection for Murmurizm

Task: to design clothes that wrap you in love and care.

A collection of clothes full of love, warmth and cuteness was designed at the studio in collaboration with Murmurizm.

murmurism girl 01
murmurism girl 02
murmurism caps
murmurism girl 03
murmurism girl 04
murmurism girl 05

Each print was carefully generated by Nikolay Ironov, designer and AI. The shapes fascinate with their non-perfect and random lines that look especially nice combined with chunky knitting.

murmurism girl yellow
murmurism scarf love
murmurism yellow socks
murmurism pink heart
murmurism socks
murmurism pink socks
murmurism mirror
murmurism girl 06
murmurism girl 07
murmurism girl 08

artistic director

art director

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