Music to Humans logo

Task: to design a logo for a seller of music equipment.

Everyone in the world is needed somewhere, everyone in the world is somehow important: from a plumber to Santa, in Hollywood and at a factory. The chef made dinner, the driller drilled wells, a very thin web master is doing something for websites. The climber climbed a mountain, the stacker laid sleepers, the sommelier found an elegant creamy fragrance in a glass.

Music to Humans sells music products. And we drew a beautiful logo for them.

The logo has either the shape of a microphone, or the glow of LEDs or a disco ball. The typeface is boldly plastic, with shifting colors. The weather is getting better, the soul is singing!

music to humans card

People (supposedly, musicians) will see the logo, buy the equipment and record their first hit. Someone rides a camel, someone takes photos of a sunset, someone is kicking a radiator to a groovy beat.

Singing this song, everyone is busy doing something: children drank some kumis, the cat ate some dead flies, grannies had an argument at a store, members of the parliament went to a sauna. There is some idea in this world that is unclear to everyone.

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Made in 14 days
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