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Myata Lounge is a chain of establishments where they offer great drinks and know how to make steam cocktails. Here you can meet with friends, have great get-togethers and noisy corporate parties. A fresh and moody logo was designed for Myata Lounge in the studio.

In addition to the logo, we conducted a study and helped form the basis for the new identity by finding out from the visitors what they are lacking. We took into account the needs of people with disabilities, as the company believes that everyone has the right to pleasant recreation.

The logo attracts with its combination of playfulness and mystique. Its main element is the heraldic letter M, standing confidently on its monogram legs and framed by a fanciful pattern.

An elegant typeface was chosen for the text part, emphasizing the aesthetics of the bars and the refined taste of their visitors. The logo fits perfectly into the atmosphere with subdued lighting and subtle vapors.

The main color of the floral and fire patterns is green. Different colors were chosen for different formats of establishments: blue for bars, gold for restaurants and red for esports clubs.

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The logo looks great on branded documents and everyday items.

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