Noyabrsk public transport logo

Task: to design a logo for a city transit network.

Noyabrsk is a city of oil workers that has about 20 bus routes. The network has its own infrastructure including bus stops and contactless payment terminals, uses a variety of tickets—in all, has a lot of unique features. Now it also has a recognizable logo.

noyabrsk logo

The logo is based on the letter Н (for Noyabrsk) rendered in the style of a transport map and symbolizing movement. The cheerful background supports the city tradition of painting buses in yellow.

noyabrsk pattern

The logo we created looks equally great on buses, bus stops and in the design of transport-related documents. It can also be easily scaled for placement on different media, whether by itself or as part of corporate patterns.

noyabrsk cards

The stylish logo helps the Noyabrsk buses look modern and easily visible from afar, their arrival bringing even more joy to passengers.

noyabrsk bus

noyabrsk bus stop

art director

type designer

project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank the mayor of the city Alexei Romanov, Andrei Klyuchnik and Oleg Kharchenko for their help with the project
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