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Aspire electric river vessel for London

London, like any other metropolis permeated by rivers, wants to maximize its use of water space. And this makes sense: first, the development of such transportation routes significantly improves the situation on the roads, and secondly, people in the city just love water and everything that is connected with it. We designed the Aspire electric river vessel whose interior and exterior proclaim that traveling by water is faster and more comfortable.

aspire 02

Maximum attention is given to passenger comfort: virtually seamless embarking and disembarking, seats for the disabled, bike racks, luggage racks for bags (this is public transport, after all), convenient toilets and observation deck.

aspire 03

Aspire is charged using special ports at the pier. The solar panel on the roof provides additional energy for powering electrical sockets and lighting. The satisfied passengers enjoy the beautiful views through the large windows, while the carrier company doesn’t worry about emissions.

aspire 04

There are information panels outside and multimedia screens inside. Audio notifications help avoid confusion and get off at the right stop.

aspire 05

The captain controls the boat with a system of state-of-the-art cameras and sensors positioned throughout the hull. There is no need for rearview mirrors.

aspire 06

Aspire is an example of a sensitive approach to the design of urban infrastructure and of what public river transportation should be like in the 21st century.

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The studio will be happy to license boat designs to shipyards and transportation companies to bring them to life.

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