Quick Payment System website

Task: to design a clear and interesting website.

The Quick Payment System is a new service of the Bank of Russia. It allows to instantly transfer money anywhere in the country (all you need is the recipient’s phone number). It also allows to pay for goods and services using QR codes. A straightforward website tells about the benefits of the new service.

Money transfers are an intangible thing. To visualize them, we came up with an arrow in counterform: it shows the magic of transferring money between cities and people, continues and complements the logo.

Photos illustrate popular scenarios of using the system: parents sending money to their children, couples making transfers to each other, people paying using QR codes.

Система быстрых платежей Система быстрых платежей
Система быстрых платежей Система быстрых платежей

To explain how to use the Quick Payment System, the main page contains instructions for clients of different banks.

A separate page explains the benefits of the program for businesses.

Answers to the most popular questions were carefully collected in one place.

The website has a wonderful mobile version.

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Made in 91 days
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