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    to create a tram route map for Odessa.

    Trams are one of the primary modes of transport in Odessa. The tram network connects together the airport, railway terminals, the city’s cultural center, Pryvoz Market, parks, beaches, industrial and residential districts. Over 50 million Odessa residents and visitors travel on the city’s trams every year. A map that is placed at tram stops and makes it easy to plan a trip was created at the studio.

    870×1020 mm (34″×40″) of beauty

    The map contains three information layers: toponymic (names of tram stops, major streets and landmarks), geographical (graphic representations of the sea, gulfs, parks and major roads) and navigational that contains the actual tram routes. This division makes using the map easier. Alphabetic indexes on the sides help Russian-speaking passengers and foreigners find stops with the help of the coordinate grid.

    The map’s fluid lines give it life and make it easy to read. Tram routes bend in a special way to create memorable shapes. Route colors are chosen to ensure maximum contrast.

    Tram stops are marked with white bars with numbers marking terminal stations and dots denoting transit stations. Night routes are designated with crescents.

    Important transport hubs are always easy to find which is especially helpful to tourists who need to get to a bus terminal or the airport.

    Convenient transfers between tram and trolleybus routes are highlighted.

    The You Are Here pointer rendered in the shape of the traditional Odessa finger looks neat even at complex hubs

    Landmark icons rhyme with the Odessa logo while other neat features give the map a special flair.

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Sergey Steblina


    • Aleksandr Nosikov
    • Anna Potapkina


    • Tatiana Kozlova

    project manager

    • Nikita Gavrilenko
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