to create an inexpensive public transport map.

A simple and easy to use map shows districts covered by key public transport routes. Lack of precise geography found on classic maps makes it easy to find the destination, understand the location of districts and plan the route. Only the routes going through several districts were chosen for the map and transliterated stop names were included to help foreign tourists find their bearings.

odessa transport scheme2

160 × 525 mm (6,3″ × 20,6″)

Key places are denoted by inserts with route numbers

Current location is marked on the map

Transport icons and route backgrounds are color coded

Routes of current districts are highlighted with a bright color, irrelevant routes are muted

Color codes match the traditional colors of public transport making it easy to memorize them.

odessa transport veer

Each district has its own map

The map is printed on adhesive film which can be placed on glass aligned at the edge.

Project developed at the Odessa design workshop

artistic director

art director

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project manager