Ossetia tourist brand

Task: to present Ossetia as a tourist destination.

Exploring Ossetia is interesting and exciting. There is no sea in the region but the nature is absolutely unbelievable: mountains and rocks, rivers and waterfalls, forests and ravines. And also ancient forts and monasteries, castles and incredible pies!

The beauty of the region is reflected in its modern identity which is shared by North and South Ossetia.

The logo shows the traditional symbol of the region, the seven mountains. The airy perspective makes the mountains seem to disappear in the morning haze.

A single identity is a bold move and a huge milestone for North and South Ossetia

The signature pattern has an image of the Persian leopard (depicted on the region’s coat of arms). And the colors are simply bright and fun.

ossetia photo short
So cool!

The typeface is very Ossetian and sincere.

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ossetia vine

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project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Zaur Kodzaev, Chairman of the North Ossetia Tourism Committee, and Alan Salbiev, Head of the Republic of North Ossetia—Alania Office for Information Technologies and Communications, for their help with the project
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