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Agidel is a city in Bashkortostan. The name translates from Bashkir as “the white river:” the city stands at the confluence of the Belaya and Kama rivers, on the shore of Lake Apaish. Agidel was founded as the satellite city of the Bashkir nuclear power plant, but the plant was never completed. Today, tourists come here primarily to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature. Fishing lovers gather on the banks of numerous lakes where they can catch pike, catfish, bream, zander, trout or any other of the three dozen kinds of fish living here. We came up with an identity for the city that combines energy with natural softness.

agidel logo text

The shape of the first letter in the logo reminds of the two rivers. The city strives to be trendy and modern, and the laconic shape of the characters emphasizes this. The breaks in the symbols are designed to support the image of a wave.

agidel logo

The wave was also reflected in another basic element of the identity, the living ribbon.

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