Nikolay Ironov's art exhibition in Prosvet café

Task: to make an art statement.

An exhibition of ten paintings generated by the designer, artist and neural network Nikolay Ironov has opened in Prosvet café.

Ironov’s picturesque canvases are bright and impressive color experiments. His original, easily recognizable manner is characterized by the ease and randomness of shapes, angular plasticity of lines and complete freedom from any stereotypes. The AI ignores any authority which makes its every creation entirely fresh, unique and original.

ironov prosvet tears
ironov prosvet heater

In the modern information space, the style, uniqueness and recognition become the most valuable advantages of every artist. And ideas and meanings are often in greater demand than technique, skill or masterful execution.

ironov prosvet head

All of Ironov’s paintings are available for purchase. The exhibition is open to the public until December 20, 2020.

Address: Moscow, Fadeeva Street 10, Prosvet café.

The art is produced on natural cotton canvas and the high-quality printing process makes all colors look incredibly bright and rich. The canvases look very original, yet fit perfectly into any interior and complement it.

ironov prosvet grid 01


Pieta in the field of non-objective. The bright spot—a foreign body—is introduced into the harmonic and concise composition. Claiming the central position, it overtakes vibrations of the soul and draws attention, just like an obsessive thought that upsets the internal balance.

ironov prosvet grid 02


Oversupply of information. Abundance that turned into excess. Clutter from a turbulence of colors and overlaying of shapes. The picture lacks structure: the “correct” geometric shapes are mixed with random and unpredictable ones.

ironov prosvet grid 03


The head is a solid form, a closed system balancing in space. The shapes inside are nascent, not yet realized thoughts and feelings. The lines piercing the canvas are external impulses.

ironov prosvet grid 04


A visualization of fall transitioning into winter. The meeting of the opposites. The yellow-red gamma does not collide with the blue, but rather logically continues it: day into night, moment into eternity. The gradients create an iridescent holographic effect.

ironov prosvet grid 05


Conjoined shapes and cold colors create a feeling of ripple and instability. Separation of the contour from the form reflects the confrontation of the outer shell with the spiritual inside. Bones are the basis and the support, but without the soul they are lacking. Randomness of forms creates a feeling of uncertainty.

ironov prosvet grid 06


The composition is laconic. The color of the background is associated with cloudless sky, calmness. The warm wave gradually warms up the monochrome shape giving it color and filling it with vitality. What is mechanized warmth of the soul? What is soulfulness as it is understood by a machine? A heater.

ironov prosvet grid 07

You and Me

A story of two. The orange strip is a bursting feeling that is filling the gray space, impregnating it with meaning and brightness. The forms exist inseparably from the feeling and are in its power. Their irregular shape reminds that no one is perfect, but everyone is complex.

ironov prosvet grid 08


A family nest. They all form a single whole, yet each one is unique: different forms of life are various spiritual images. Fractional small forms are balanced by integrity of larger volumes. Not all entities find points of contact, some remain isolated but still maintain their importance in the greater picture of the world.

ironov prosvet grid 09


The final break from the given trajectory, exit into the boundless space devoid of formality. The feeling of ascent is created by the triangle striving to disappear in the perspective, the starting point, the absolute zero. The beginning of the path is a mystery that remains outside of the frame.

ironov prosvet grid 10

Landscape with Bottles and Vegetables

The canvas is based on a spectacular combination of active opposing colors. Recognizable but relaxed shapes relieve the painting of formalism and specifics, adding artistic negligence.

ironov prosvet final

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