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    Making of Pushe furniture factory website

    Overview   Process  

    Getting started with the design. Thinking through the basic user scenarios and making a scheme of visitor interaction with the future site. Defining the structure, content, and functionality of the pages.

    pushe site process 01

    Moving on to the prototypes.

    pushe site process 02

    Starting to work on the design concept.

    pushe site process 03

    Too hard on the eyes. Trying to find a more simple solution.

    pushe site process 04

    Getting better, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Back to work.

    The main advertising element of the old website was banner graphics, quality of which was difficult to maintain. And their constant updating cost money and took time.

    We offer a versatile solution to the client—a large text banner right across the top of the main page. It can be updated in minutes, and is easy to read and to maintain. The designer is no longer needed.

    At the same time, we decided to decorate the site with some nifty animations.

    We propose to make product profile page in the form of one long bed sheet, which will have all the information about the item: description, size, large pictures, videos, configuration diagrams, etc.—right in front of you. To see the information, you just have to scroll the page up and down. No clicks.

    Putting together the rest of the pages and forwarding them to typesetters.

    pushe site process 06

    While the website is being assembled, the task changes a little bit. Initially, it was assumed that the site will not have a shopping cart—the furniture would be ordered from the Favorites page. An order would be placed, and all the details discussed, by phone. However, the client insists on adding a shopping cart and a custom configuration tool.

    Re-thinking the order process.

    pushe site process 07

    Starting to edit the assembled website. We take a lot of screenshots, load them in InDesign and get everything in order.

    pushe site process 08

    Back to the main page. Plain ol’ text is not enough—you need some kind of emphasis. We decide to place the promotional items in plan sight. We try to draw cartoon characters sitting on sofas, but quickly abandon the idea as not technically viable.

    Pushe is a large furniture factory and not just an online store. We have to show it somehow. We come up with an illustrated story about the production. And we show, where and how it should appear.

    pushe site process 10

    Working on the configuration tool for sofas. The number of options and all the possible configurations is too large to keep it all on one page. The configuration tool is moved to its own separate page.

    pushe site process 11

    The furniture is arranged in the same scale and on the same level, so the relative size of catalog items can easily be estimated.

    pushe site process 12

    Working out the little things. All the small interface elements are drawn in the same style.

    pushe site process 13

    Making the buttons.

    pushe site process 14

    And other little things.

    pushe site process 15

    Continuing on to animation. First, we take a swing at cartoon-style animation—we want sofas to be carried to Favorites by actual movers.

    pushe site process 16
    pushe site process 17

    Doesn’t look natural. We discard cartoons in favor of more technological javascript effects. Detailed video instructions are prepared and forwarded to our technologists.

    pushe site process 18

    Order a design...