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    The making of the Pushe website 2.0

    Overview   Process  

    Understanding the ordering process and describing two scenarios for placing an order: individually and with the help of a manager.

    Writing technical specifications and creating a plan. Working on the shipping and financing calculators.

    Some of the items are custom-made and are not available for online purchase. When such items are added to the cart, the order is automatically transferred to a manager.

    Cutting down the number of steps to make a purchase. Abandoning the idea of financing and shipping online calculators due to technical difficulties with the realization.

    Giving the designs to the technologist, typesetting, fixing bugs.

    Starting to work on the promo page.

    Designer: The online store saves time. You don’t have to go around visiting several showroom, you can simply choose what you need online and pay for it right away. Let’s have furniture items appear on the page when it’s scrolled with the character becoming more relaxed. And a slogan, something like “Save time for a couch” or “Save time on couches.” What do you think?

    Art director: The slogan isn’t that good, it doesn’t make clear what the page is about. The pictures can be more metaphorical, they are usually quite wacky on this website. Go and think some more.

    Art director: The last one is OK. “Pimp my order” is OK.

    Drawing, taking pictures, animating, typesetting.

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