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    to design an interior of a bank office for the entire family.

    R-Bank’s primary office has doubled in size and required an updated interior design. The design project created at the studio for the waiting and service zones, the lecture hall and the children’s area made the office more comfortable for visitors with children, company representatives, finance specialists and bank employees.

    1 — children’s area
    2 — lecture hall
    3 — recreation area
    4 — meeting room
    5 — corporate clients area
    6 — offices
    7 — archive
    1 - children's area; 2 - lecture hall; 3 - recreation area; 4 - meeting room; 5 - corporate clients area; 6 - offices; 7 - archive

    Simplicity and functionality are at the heart of the new architecture concept. Strict bright areas are contrasted with soft dark sofas. In the children’s the little visitors can draw on walls, sit on soft stools and warm floor.

    The children’s area is separated from the waiting zone by a sofa.

    The spacious area between the lecture hall and the corporate clients area now has two waiting zones. Clients waiting on the sofas can see the entire office without being afraid they might lose their place in the queue.

    The graphics on the floor emphasizes the zoning and helps find way around the office

    The small meeting room is rotated 45° and works as a composition center of the office space. The diagonal orientation of the room is supported by ceiling panels.

    The unusual lampshade in the form of a cloud lightens the strict interior

    The multifunctional lecture hall is located behind a transparent wall. The special shape of the tables makes it easy to convert the room from a study hall into a meeting or group work area.

    The front wall of the lecture hall is covered with dry-erase paint. A themed drawing on the wall can introduce a bit of humor into serious discussions.

    A separate area contains workplaces for meeting with company representatives. The desks are separated by semi-transparent walls in the bank’s signature color that double as navigation elements.

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Oleg Stukalov

    project managers

    • Alexey Igoshin
    • Larisa Melnikova
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