R-Card booklet and packaging

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to design a booklet, insert and packaging for a bank card.

R-Card is a payment card for children and their parents offered by R-Bank. It allows children to make their own purchases, set savings targets, learn basics of financial planning all while making it easy for parents to control their children’s spending in real time. A booklet, insert and packaging explaining how simple, safe and interesting using a bank card can be were created at the studio.

The owner receives the card in a beautiful envelope

The booklet explains how to activate, use and protect the card

The insert contains cards for all family members

art director

  • Ludwig Bistronovsky


  • Vasily Dubovoy

chief typesetter

  • Iskander Mukhamadeev


  • Tatyana Devaeva


  • Yana Moskalyuk
  • Lizaveta Romantsova
  • Aleksandra Maun


  • Anna Potapkina
  • Aleksandr Nosikov

project manager

  • Anastasia Ulyanova
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