R-Bank mobile application promo website

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to get visitors excited about a mobile application.

People who don’t yet know about the features of the mobile financial service are invited to visit the website created at the studio. It contains information about the application features, its benefits and reasons to start using it.

rosinterbank promo mainpage
Family budget for everyone

The website introduces a perfectly normal family with two kids who go to school, eat out in cafés, look forward to holidays and share their dreams. Each of the heroes has their own storyline which often converge, just like in real life.

The section for children is just as serious as the section for adults, maybe even more so.

Adult and children’s sections
rosinterbank promo parents
rosinterbank promo children
Things got real

Each page has a button to quickly install the application on a phone or a tablet.

Waiting for action

The story of the family is not limited by the website. The characters follow the user all the way to the application.