Duwi logo and identity

Task: to create an identity for an electrical equipment brand.

Duwi (one of the brands of the German company Rev Ritter) sells various electrical equipment: power sockets, adapters, extension cords, surge protectors, lamps, spotlights, relays and many other things.

The incredible new identity draws attention to the brand’s products.

The logo looks technologically advanced and confident. Elements of the typeface rhyme with each other while the letters are securely connected, resembling a carefully planned power grid.

The identity uses four cool patterns. They bring together the brand’s product range and subtly highlight Duwi products on store shelves.

duwi motion

Simple step-by-step illustrations on product boxes show how to properly connect or use the device.

Rev Ritter and Duwi packaging is similar, helping to maintain continuity and showing the connection between the brands.



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Made in 27 days
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