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The r_keeper system is legendary in the restaurant business. It helps tens of thousands of establishments around the world, from small coffee shops and food trucks to large fast food chains and Michelin restaurants, to automate their business processes. The waiter application included in the system is responsible for serving guests quickly and accurately. The app required an update, and the interface of its stationary version was completely redesigned in the studio.

Task: to update and improve the interface of an application for waiters.


If it is possible to choose additional ingredients for a dish, their list is opened automatically. When multiple additions need to be made, a keyboard appears.


Working with a list of menu items is convenient: the search system filters it as you type, keeping only the cards you want to see on the screen. Items can be added to an order from the same screen. The keyboard is only displayed when necessary, so as not to be distracting.

rkeeper interface search

The position of the search bar is fixed, but the results depend on the currently open section: orders are searched for items, lists of guests are searched for table numbers.

Order editing

The updated editing mode noticeably speeds up the process: items can be moved between guests or tables in just a couple of taps.

rkeeper interface edit

Order list

The consolidated list contains information about all orders for each waiter. The employee can instantly see who ordered what and where, for how much, and whether the visitor received the bill.

rkeeper interface list

Bottom line

The radically new interface helps work with multiple tables at the same time, significantly reducing service time, while the logical structure and straightforward workflows make it accessible even to trainees.

Made in 95 days
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