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r_keeper Lite application interface

Task: to develop an interface for r_keeper for tablets.

r_keeper Lite is an order management system for coffee shops, food trucks and small cafés that helps automate work. The interface design created in the studio allows to make sure guests are served quickly and employees’ time is spent efficiently.


Flexible settings and a streamlined menu take into account the needs of the establishment. There is an option to show a simple list of items without a nested structure, as well as a multi-level menu that contains multiple categories.

Item properties

Discounts, enhancements, table assignment and other operations are done in just a couple of clicks.

Order properties

The number of guests in an order can be easily edited. There is an option to apply a discount or a markup to the entire bill, as well as to choose table category and order type.

List of orders

Orders can be filtered by a variety of criteria. A venue layout diagram is displayed separately, making it easy to find the right table.

Dark theme

The dark version of the design is easy on the eyes of the employees.

The open and friendly interface replaces an entire point of sale terminal and ensures a vigorous start and comfortable operation of any establishment, from a tiny coffee shop without seating to a large restaurant.

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