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Rozetkus-1 power strip

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Task: to create a power strip allowing you to choose which way to plug.

Rozetkus-1 power strip is designed for twelve 7/16 CEE europlugs.

Sockets accept 4 mm pins

It is meant for plugging in low-power devices that don’t need to be grounded, such as lamps, clocks, hard drives, cell phone chargers, etc.

For your safety you won’t be able to plug in a device with a 4.8 mm plug.

Release date: September 22 2006


art director
industrial designer
project manager

All of the 25 sockets are LED illuminated to make finding a free socket under your desk easier. Rozetkus-1 uses a standard high-voltage fuse.

Won’t fit diagonally


Power: 230 V.

Maximum current: 10 А

Frequency: 50 Hz.

Cord length: 1,75 m

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