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Zaryadkus (Rozetkus-6) USB wall outlet

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Task: to wall-mount a USB charging unit.

Zaryadkus is a wall outlet with four USB ports. It’s connected to your home or office electrical network, allowing you to charge phones, tablets, and other gadgets directly from a  wall socket.

zaryadkus white
Zaryadkus in a neutral shade seamlessly fits any room

You can equip your Zaryadkus with an optional fold-away tray which easily snaps on via a run-around frame.

Release date: October 09 2012


artistic director & designer
art director
industrial designer
zaryadkus green
Clutter-free and functional

Boldly-colored frame with a tray stands out nicely against Zaryadkus white plastic body.

zaryadkus in use
In a room setting

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