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Rozetkus Bublikus (Rozetkus-7) power strip

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Task: to create a new variety of the Rozetkus power adapter.

Rozetkus Bublikus is a compact and cheerful power strip for home and office. The name comes from bublik — a traditional Russian bread roll with a hole in the middle, much like a bagel.

rozetkus bublikus top
The power strip that you would not want to hide under the desk

Release date: October 15 2013


artistic director
art director
industrial designer
The external diameter is 19 cm (7.5″) and the maximum capacity is 10 power plugs

The strip is housed in a soft plastic case which can securely hold the reeled 3 m (10 ft) cord.

rozetkus bublikus 69
Two case colors to choose from

Rozetkus Bublikus can accommodate all low-power household appliances connected in any order: lights, chargers, hard drives, clocks and other devices with 4 mm ungrounded CEE 7/16 europlugs.

rozetkus bublikus floor
Nice and neat

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