Russian Premier League personal achievement award

Task: to design a soccer award.

Every month fans choose the best player, the one who scored the most goals or didn’t miss a single goal, who made skillful tricks or had a great breakthrough that everyone noticed.

rpl three

At the base of the award is RPL’s signature pentagon and at the top is the recognizable bear. The metal body is plated with gold that gradually fades towards the bottom. The award symbolizes the hard and consistent path to becoming a champion.

rplcup 03
The award in the 2018–2019 season

The compact and pleasantly heavy award looks great on a shelf and encourages players for new achievements.

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Timur Burbaev


  • Sergey Buldygin

secret advisor

  • Egor Zhgun


  • Kirill Voronik


  • Viktor Lvov


  • Irina Zolotareva

project managers

  • Anna Kuleshova
  • Svetlana Kost
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