Russian Premier League cup design

Task: to design the country's most important soccer trophy.

Becoming a Russian Premier League champion is the most desirable achievement for any soccer club and soccer player in the country, their biggest pride and a testament to their hard work. The design of the champion’s cup embodies the essence of victory in the Premier League.

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The dynamic proportions of the cup embody speed and power.

At the core of the structure are beautifully intertwining ribbons. The design is light and airy but also very strong, drawing inspiration from the famous Shukhov Tower on Shabolovka. The structure conveys the unity and integrity a team needs to win the tournament.

Individual ribbons, like sprouts, strive upward where they become one. Similarly, the winning club’s players once were children, learning to play soccer each on their own. But years later, they came together to become the winning team.

The ribbons grow from a solid base, the Russian soccer school established in the post-war years. The USSR soccer championship was a competition of the highest level and the Soviet national team showed the best results in world and European competitions. The stars created by delicate interlacing of ribbons reflect the heritage of the Soviet soccer.

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The cup is also a spectacular representation of scoring a winning goal: it looks just like a ball flying into the net at great speed!

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Made in 21 days
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