Russian Premier League typeface

Task: to design a corporate typeface for any media.

With time, a soccer championship acquires various attributes including original design for tickets, player uniforms, match announcement posters, TV broadcasts, social network pictures, banners and many other things. To make sure all these materials look coherent, a grotesque display typeface was created for headlines and large text.

rpl type cloud

Player names

The typeface doesn’t require any adjustments to look great anywhere except for player uniforms. In this case, it’s all about limits on character height and text length. To fit names such as Zhamaletdinov and Smolnikov in the designated area, a special adaptive version of the typeface was created. After a certain number of characters, every glyph becomes 15% narrower.

Adaptive typeface at work

Works for any name length

Player numbers

Player numbers required special care. To make sure the digits match the overall style, we created two options, monochrome and bicolor (in case someone needs an outline). Combinations were created for each kit of each club. Every digit has RPL’s signature bear at the bottom as a symbol of belonging to the League.

rpl font numbers
rpl font gilerme
rpl font promes small
rpl font chalov small
rpl font bear

Lack of contrast and traditional glyph shapes allow viewers to read the text quicker and easier. Which is why the typeface works especially well in TV broadcast captions.

Made in 66 days
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