RuTube Studio mobile app concept

RuTube Studio is an application for content creators who need convenient access to channel management at any time, here and now. The studio came up with an idea of what the app should look like to make it easy for users to upload videos, create profiles, start live broadcasts, follow analytics and work with comments.

Everything for creators

The main page with quick access to channel stats and analytics for the latest video can be customized. It’s simple and clear.

Statistics and analytics at hand

The Video section gives a brief view of the content, and when expanded, a detailed breakdown for each video. This helps content makers keep their finger on the pulse and keep track of what their viewers like and don’t like.

Detailed analytics for channel growth

Bright and informative graphs with data for a specific period allow to analyze statistics in depth. Tracking the progress this way, authors can more easily choose what to focus their efforts on.

New format for working with comments

Viewer feedback is invaluable. That’s why the communication of authors with the audience is based on the usual principles of messenger apps with their chats.

Four tools in one app

Quick access to all the data
Content upload and management
Statistics and growth dynamics
Live communication with followers
Made in 208 days
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