Romantic online store app

Every successful modern marketplace has to work on all possible platforms and devices, which is why a cool app was designed for the Romantic online flower and gift store in the studio.

The catalog and product selections are displayed straight on the main page. At the same time, the minimalist design prevents the multitude of offers from blending into an indecipherable mess.

Recognizable stickers denoting product selections continue the company’s identity.

This technique is further developed to highlight important messages, replacing, for instance, boring tables with product and shipping details.

The shopping cart is designed in a way that allows to place an order for delivery to multiple addresses at once: to mom, wife and sister.

Furthermore, users can add specific events in the settings which allows them to keep track of who they need to send a gift and when.

romantic app events

Pretty much anything can be added to favorites, including products, stores or promotions.

And the You’ll Enjoy section collects new suggestions based on saved items.

The Romantic mobile app has everything you need and nothing you don’t, making shopping pure joy!

art director

project manager

Made in 138 days
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