The Sunlight app turns from a simple store into a full-fledged social section. The studio completely revamped the Sunlight Dating section which is designed for dating and pleasant socializing.

One app—multiple mechanics

Users can switch between the dating page, an endless video feed and reviews of the company’s products. All of the sections are fully customizable.

Instead of a boring static picture, the profile header contains a large video cover that gives a more accurate representation of a person.

At the bottom are two buttons: give a gift (from the Sunlight catalog or in the form of bonus points) or start a chat.

The detailed questionnaire is purposefully designed in a moderately bright way: it’s fun to fill out, so the answers users give are more honest.

The chat section has three blocks: conversations, matches and likes which are highlighted with an icon.

The renovated section has significantly expanded functionality. It attracts users with its unusual mechanics, while not letting them get bored or lost thanks to the well-thought-out logic and minimalist design.

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motion designer

3D designer

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Made in 372 days
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