Wicked Sauce

Task: to design a label for a wicked hot sauce.

The Wicked Sauce offers vast opportunity for gastronomic experimentation and discovery. The heat does not get in the way of other flavors because it’s not a taste, it’s pain, and a pleasant one at that. It can transform absolutely any dish: soups, meats, vegetables, cottage cheese or sweet deserts—anything at all. A drop of spice added to cherry yogurt leads to a new and wonderful taste experience.

The hot sauce adds zest to life and enhances the range of flavors, making all food outstanding.

bottle f2

The Wicked Sauce is simply made for whetting your appetite, having a fiery lunch or getting yourself excited for a second helping. Each drop burns so much and has so much flavor it can knock Scoville’s socks off. The Wicked Sauce is an explosion of taste!

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