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    to create a logo and a corporate identity for a shopping center.

    SBS Megamall is a large shopping and entertainment center in Krasnodar with a plethora of shops, an entertainment zone and a food court. A bright logo and a corporate identity affirming the positive mood brought by shopping was created at the studio.

    The logo

    At the core of the logo is sun glare, an optical effect visible in a camera lens in bright sunlight. An alternative captioned logo was developed for marking shopping center’s zones.

    The logo is supported by an elegant and unobtrusive pattern in which letters of various styles represent the diversity of brands and a wide range of products offered at the mall.

    The logo can be easily adapted to various sizes while maintaining its characteristic features and expressiveness.

    Versions of the logo adapted for print

    A special guide contains all principles for the use of the logo as well as recommendations on its placement on advertising materials and souvenirs, on typesetting of documents and on the use of various corporate identity elements.

    Branded set

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky


    • Sergey Steblina


    • Lizaveta Romantsova

    type designer

    • Ksenia Erulevich


    • Jenia Filatova


    • Anna Balabas


    • Aleksandr Nosikov

    project manager

    • Svetlana Kost
    • The studio wishes to thank Maria Rybina for her help with the project