• SBS Megamall art object

    • OverviewProcess
    to invent an original, attractive and inexpensive art object.

    The bowling alley in SBS Megamall is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. To help visitors locate it in the vast shopping center, an impressive art object decorating the central atrium and serving as a rest and photographing spot was created at the studio.

    sbs object preview

    The art object decorates the shopping center and shows the way to the bowling alley

    An optical illusion makes three pins reflecting in a system of mirrors appear as the familiar ten-pin triangle.

    The effect is best seen from the top levels of the mall and in motion

    Conceptually simple, the object requires precision in design, production and installation: the mirrors are aligned with axes of the pins and are rigidly attached to them.

    sbs object mirors

    The object includes benches with built-in cell phone charging sockets. They are arranged in a special way to ensure visitors are not in the way of each other and can take pictures with the art object freely and publish them in social networks.

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    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky

    designer and architect

    • Oleg Stukalov

    project manager

    • Alexey Igoshin
    • The studio wishes to thank Maria Rybina for her help with the project