• SBS Megamall Krasnodar New Year decorations

    • Overview
    Task: to create holiday atmosphere in a shopping center.

    Release date: December 18 2015

    Each winter, SBS Megamall is filled with the atmosphere of holidays and magic, inspiring customers to purchase gifts. Impressive yet inexpensive New Year decorations combining interactive elements and fairy tale magic were created at the studio.

    Huge objects are placed in the central hall, making children and adults feel like they are characters in a fairy tale. Tangerine slices in the bucket can be used for playing games, building magic castles and resting

    Huge Christmas cracker suspended from the ceiling shoots presents into the hall

    Navigation elements are suspended with the help of bright balls

    Everybody can get a glass of free glühwein at the gift-shaped booth

    Columns turn into characters of a classic Christmas fairy tale

    Wooden trains deliver presents in galleries. Warm natural surfaces bring homeliness to trade spaces

    The café zone is softly illuminated by large lamps decorated with a custom-designed pattern that resembles wrapping paper

    Obligatory New Year photo with a wineglass

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